Fall has OFFICALLY arrived


Now I know what a lot of you are thinking , boots , heavy jackets and scarves along with snow snow and more snow ….But back it up a second before we can endure the “whiteout” of winter we must go through the fiery Colours of fall with the oranges , Browns red and deep purples .

I remember when I was a kid my FAVORITE season was fall . Brisk air , watching the leafs fall from the tree and then jumping into the piles of bold colours . What was your favorite part of fall and what’s your FAVORITE season @thegustuf is where you’ll find us let us know 🙂


Chalk? Or not to chalk?

Hey everyone and good morning! Hope you all had a restful slumber …I came across this picture today and I thought what a fun idea that would be ! To have a whole refrigerator made of chalk paint you can have walls in your home why not the fridge right? Tweet us and let us know what you think of this chalky idea! @thegustuf