This house runs best on

This sign is awesome the three things that make a house run really well , love laughter and beer all 3 that makes the best combo wouldn’t you agree?

love , laughter beer



A touch of color

Hey everyone and good morning hope you are all having quite the morning today ! I was going threw pictures and saw this one that stood out for me ! I tell people daily that sometimes all you need is a bright touch of Color that can brighten up any room!


With that being said this room isn’t exactly dark . BUT that orange throw that’s over the couch really catches the eye ! And makes everything stand out as a whole! Wouldn’t you agree @thegustuf tweet us your opinion ! Either on Twitter or in the comments down below ! Xoxo

Chocolate Cupcake Cocktail

For many of you , we are at that age where booze no longer tastes good we have grown past the whole “shots” phase in our lives we are mature adults now so this decedent chocolate cupcake cocktail is right up our alley ! And I have made in the past and guess what doesn’t taste like booze for all you lovely ladies and men out there give this drink a try I am sure you will not be disappointed !! Tweet us picks of your FAVORITE drink ! For a chance for it to be featured in one of our “daily favorites” @thegustuf and the link for this amazing recipe is down below


Tuesday favorites

Hey everyone these are my FAVORITE pictures of the day! They are really simple and very elegant wouldn’t you agree ? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @thegustuf ! (I think the vogue ) one has got to be my ultimate FAVORITE but they are all really awesome!